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Dixelscape is still on its way of being created. Go on an adventure by playing this game, watch it grow and become a part of it by giving me feedback. (fuelino.fabeldyr@gmail.com)

Dixelscape is considered to be in alpha state. It is in active development and may therefore be unstable and feel incomplete.

Installation Make sure the following libraries got installed on your operating system before starting Dixelscape:
- Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable x64
- .NET Core 3.1 x64

Download the zip archive with the latest build, decompress it to any place you like and start the game with dixelscape.exe.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unlike the previous releases, Dixelscape is now running as an x64 application. There will be no x86 builds anymore.

Most recent information about development: I'm working on the world size currently. The goal is to have larger worlds. There is also another surprise for you which I will let you discover yourself when I'm done with the next development cycle.


dixelscape_v0.1.13.1.zip 19 MB

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Tried a bit but I cannot get to craft or place anything :( how do you do it?


Select the tree stump in your quickbar. Then left-click with the mouse on an empty spot right above the floor. With empty spot I mean nothing grows there and nothing is placed on top of the floor. This should place it. Then pick items from your quickbar by right-clicking  while pressing shift. Now right-click the tree stump you placed before with the item you picked visible next to your cursor. This should put the picked item into the tree stump for crafting. If you put the right ingredients into the tree stump the craft button will get colored. By pressing it you trigger the crafting process. A dialog should show up that allows you to choose the amount of items to craft.


Yay worked ;)